Checkout Language Localization

Language localization ensures the checkout experience is consistent in the shopper's preferred language, as specified by their browser settings. Language localization also impacts number formatting ($10.000,00 in Europe vs. $10,000.00 in the US). This experience applies to both guest and Bolt Account shoppers.
Language localization will affect Bolt Checkout only. Localization will not change the language provided by you on your site; for example, product names or shipping options will remain unchanged.
By default, Bolt will leverage the shopper's language settings from their browser to determine which language to show for checkout. You can override this by passing in an ISO language code (for example, 'en' or 'es') and optionally region (for example, 'en-GB') within the URL. Passing the ISO code allows you to ensure the checkout language matches the language used on the rest of the site.
If you are interested in localizing your shoppers' Bolt Checkout experience contact Bolt Support and ask them to activate language localization. They will be able to enable localization for you and confirm that it is active. Once active, all of your shoppers will see a localized Bolt Checkout.

Examples of a Localized Bolt Checkout


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