Product Add-Ons in Checkout

Product add-ons are a great way for merchants to add convenience and enhance your shopping experience. Offering complementary or add-on products such as gift boxes, insurance, screen protectors, or batteries can ensure you have everything you need for your purchase.

Merchants may offer you up to three product add-ons in theBolt Checkout. You can add or remove add-ons from your cart. The quantity for each add-on is limited to one.

Note — Product Add-ons are currently in BETA.

Guest Checkout

When you are in Bolt Checkout and arrive on the Delivery page you will see a list of product add-ons available to add to your order. 


To add an Add-On to a cart:

  1. Click the + ADD button. When you add an item Bolt will also check the selected delivery methods and discounts for any additions or conflicts. 
  2. A spinner will appear and the Continue button will be disabled while it updates the cart. You can add any or all of the product add-ons to your cart.
  3. The - REMOVE button will now appear adjacent to the added item.


To remove an Add-On from the cart:

  1. You click the- REMOVE button. 
  2. A spinner will appear and the Continue button will be disabled while it updates the cart.


If you try to add or remove a product add-on and the action results in an error, for example, you are temporarily offline, They will see an error message such as 'Unable to remove product, please try again.'


If a shopper tries to add a product that isn’t compatible with a current discount, They will see an error message reading, 'Cannot be added to cart with current discount applied.'


Bolt Account Checkout

If you are logged into your Bolt Account, you will see a new 'Recommended for you' section above the Pay button. All other behaviors are the same as for Guest checkout. 


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