PayPal in Checkout - Customer Experience

Merchants may include PayPal as a payment option within the Bolt Checkout sequence. Paypal in Checkout avoids a separate payment path and creates a better and more consistent customer experience. Customers will have the same PayPal experience on both desktop and mobile.

Note — Currently, the PayPal option is available in Guest Checkout only. Customers using their Bolt Account will not see PayPal as an option.

The customer experience will be as follows:

  1. The customer arrives at the Payments page in Bolt Checkout. They will see an option to use PayPal.
  2. The customer selects PayPal.
  3. They then click the PayPal button.
    image-0.png image-1.png
  4. The customer will see the PayPal interface as a popup above the Bolt Checkout page.
    The customer will follow these steps:
    • They log in to their PayPal account (if they aren’t already logged in)
    • They select a payment method (or add a new one). Their previously entered shipping information is displayed automatically.
    • The customer then finalizes the transaction by clicking the Pay Now button.
  5. PayPal processes the payment, and the popup closes.
  6. The customer will then be back in the main Bolt Checkout. At this point, the customer will either experience a successful payment, a payment error, or a declined payment.
    • Payment Error — If there was an error processing the transaction, the customer will be taken back to the Payment page of the Bolt Checkout and shown an error. At that time, the customer can try using PayPal again.
    • Successful Payment — They will see the merchant’s order confirmation page.
    • Declined Payment — If PayPal declines the payment, the customer will be taken back to the Payment page of the Bolt Checkout and shown a Payment Declined message. The customer can use PayPal again to restart the checkout and try to pay with a new card.


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