Apple Pay


Apple Pay is a  service provided by Apple Inc. It is a mobile payment and digital wallet application that lets customers make payments in person, and on the web. Merchants may wish to include Apple Pay as a payment option in order to expand their customer base or to enhance the conversion of shoppers to buyers. Many customers prefer Apple Pay for its simplicity and security when compared to credit cards.

When Apple Pay is enabled, customers are shown the Apple Pay button if they are on a compatible device and browser. All Bolt features perform the same with this payment method, including recharge, refund, and so forth. In addition, cards will be labeled with the Apple Pay logo in the merchant dashboard. The processing fee and fraud handling are the same as for Bolt Checkout

Note — Shopify and BigCommerce both support Apple Pay through limited payment processors, so Bolt is unable to process Apple Pay payments on those platforms. However, merchants can provide Apple Pay alongside Bolt with a separate payment processor.

Learn more about how to enable Apple Pay with Bolt.

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