BigCommerce Check Method

It is vital for BigCommerce merchants to be aware that Bolt normally uses the BigCommerce Check method to process payments. The Check method is controlled by the Check switch in your BigCommerce dashboard. Bolt uses this method in order to comply with BigCommerce’s payment requirements. If this configuration is being used in your store, it is vital that the Check switch remains ON so that the method is active at all times.

Use these steps to set up the Check Method:

  1. Go to the BigCommerce Admin.
  2. Navigate to Store Setup > Payments.
  3. Expand Offline Payment Methods, make sure the Check option is set to On.checkmethod.png
  4.  Click Set up on the Check method.
  5. Make sure you have both the Display Name and Payment Information fields set exactly to "Bolt" and then click Save.

WarningTurning off the check method will disrupt normal Bolt Checkout order creation, and will cause order creation issues. 

The issues you can expect to see are:

  • A spike in orders from an external source, rather than from Storefront, Mobile Device, Manual Order and so forth. This is a result of Bolt resolving the issue by using the BigCommerce Application Programming Interface(API). Orders created via the BigCommerce API are marked as coming from external in your BigCommerce dashboard. 
  • Data fidelity issues. For example, orders may not be synced to the customer's account, or incorrect SKUs may be used.
  • Failed webhooks with the failure reason designated as: “failed to resolve orphan transaction.” An example failed webhook email is shown below:


For detailed information see What is a Webhook Failure? 

If you notice a high number of external orders in your BigCommerce dashboard, please verify that the Check switch has not been turned OFF, and please contact Bolt Support.

In rare cases, you may already be using the Check method for check processing. When the Check method is unavailable, Bolt will use the Stripe gateway only for order creation. Payment processing will continue via Bolt as normal. Contact Bolt Support for assistance in configuring your store with Bolt and Stripe.

If Using Stripe, make sure that the following are set correctly:

1. Set Test Mode to Yes. (Required)
2. Set Display Name to Bolt. (Required)


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