Force Capture with Shopify and the Associated Risk

On Shopify it is possible for you or a 3rd party application to capture the payment for orders which are still In Review by Bolt.  When you capture before Bolt has reviewed the order you will be assuming the entire fraud risk, as you have prevented Bolt from reviewing the order. As an example, some configurations of the Shopify Flow application conflict with Bolt in this manner.

After going live with Bolt on your site, you should test to ensure that no orders are being force approved, manually or automatically, prior to completion of Bolt’s review. We strongly recommend deactivating any 3rd party plug-in that is forcing capture until you determine that there is no conflict. 

If you cannot deactivate a plug-in that can capture funds on unreviewed or rejected orders, take the following steps:

  • If you are still integrating, contact your implementation manager.
  • If you have an active store, immediately contact Bolt Support.

 You should examine orders processed by such 3rd party applications and compare them with the same orders in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. This will allow you to determine whether your orders are being captured inadvertently prior to review. Look for orders that are Merchant Approved and not Bolt Approved. This should help you identify any cases where you are inadvertently assuming the fraud risk. 





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