Payment-Only Checkout

Some merchants may opt to use a non-Bolt checkout form and only show Bolt for payments on the final step of their checkout, known as Payment-Only Checkout. In this case, Bolt will still indemnify fraud, but does not provide the simple and standard checkout solution. This is also known as single step checkout.

This version of checkout is not recommended because Bolt doesn’t receive full behavioral data that would be obtained with full checkout. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Customers will experience Payments-Only Checkout as follows:

  1. From the Cart page the customer goes through non-bolt checkoutGroup_31__1_.png
  2. Customer enters all non-payment and shipping information through non-bolt checkout.


  1. On the final payment page, customers will have the option to click Pay by Card Powered by Bolt.


  1. After choosing to complete order with Bolt, customer is redirect to simplified Bolt checkout that asks for payment information. All other information is passed to Bolt to facilitate standard order creation.


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