Product Page Checkout

The Product Page Checkout feature adds a Buy Now button on your product pages which opens Bolt Checkout when clicked. When enabled, customers do not have to go through multiple redirects or through their cart to complete their purchase, creating a seamless one-page experience. In addition to the standard checkout, merchants can add Product Page Checkout if they qualify. 

What Qualifications to Enable Product Page Checkout?

  • Merchants must be on Shopify, Magento 1, or WooCommerce
  • Merchants must be using multi-step checkout.

Support for Magento Commerce and BigCommerce is coming soon.

Are You a Good Candidate for Product Page Checkout?

This feature is highly recommended for all qualified merchants, especially if a high percentage of your orders contain only one item. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to find out if you are a good candidate.

Product Page Checkout Workflow

  1. The customer clicks Buy Now button on product page


  1. The customer instantly sees the Bolt Checkout and goes through the standard checkout flow


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