Purchase with a Bolt Account

Bolt allows customers to create a Bolt Account. If you have a Bolt Account, there are two ways for you to log in and buy with One-Step Checkout. The configuration used by a merchant on their site will determine how you may log in.

Configuration One - Standard Creation

This is the default and most common configuration. Bolt does not need a username and a password to log in. Instead, Bolt uses a six-digit code verification. You are then sent a verification to your registered device. The verification acts as an authentication and allows you to log in.

The steps required for a customer to log in are:

  1. You enter Bolt Checkout.
  2. You type-in an email address and phone number. (See Note)
  3. Bolt recognizes the information. Bolt then sends a six-digit code to your phone number for verification.
  4. You can check the Stay logged in on this device checkbox. If you do, you will remain logged in indefinitely. If you uncheck the box, Bolt will automatically log you out after 2 hours.
  5. Login completes as soon as the six-digit code is entered and authenticated. You are then directed to One-Step Checkout. If you do not want your device to remain logged in, you can uncheck the Keep me logged in checkbox.Group_11.png
  6. You will see an animation.
  7. The checkout page will change and the button text will read 'Creating your order.' This will appear for up to two seconds.Group_10_10.29.21_AM.png
  8. Then the button will read 'Processing Payment.' This will appear for up to two seconds.
  9. And finally, the button will read 'Completing your order.' Loading_animation_step_3.png 
  10. You are then sent to the merchant's order confirmation page.

Mobile Version

If you are using the mobile version you will have the same experience.


NoteWhen you return to buy using Bolt for the second time, you must enter both your phone number and email. This will allow Bolt to recognize your account and send you the six-digit code. After that, you will need to use only one, either their phone number or their email. This will now be enough for Bolt to recognize the account and send the authentication code

Configuration Two - Merchant Account Integration

Merchants may want to integrate their existing customer accounts with Bolt Accounts. This configuration requires extra setup. To use the merchant must contact Bolt Support so they can enable it. There will be limitations for you as a customer. You will not be able to log in from within the Bolt Checkout. Nor will you be able to access your Bolt Accounts on other merchant sites.

The steps required for you to log in are:

  1. You log into your account associated with the merchant’s site. Each merchant maintains their own workflow for customers to log in.
  2. You enter Bolt Checkout.
  3. The site sends your account ID to Bolt. Then Bolt checks the database for a matching Bolt account. If Bolt finds a match, the customer moves to Instant Checkout.

Once logged in you will see a One-Page checkout. The page is pre-filled with all your preferred information. You can manage your addresses and payment methods. You may also use all the basic checkout features. These features may include discounts, and order notes if enabled by the merchant. After completing your checkout, you are sent to the merchant's order confirmation page.


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