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Bolt allows customers the ability to create Instant Checkout Accounts. If a customer has a Bolt account, there are two ways for a customer to login and purchase with Instant Checkout. These depend upon the merchant's preferences as to how a customer may login to their Bolt account.

Scenario One

This is the default and most common configuration. Rather than requiring a username + password to login, Bolt utilizes a six digit code verification. The verification is sent to the customer's registered device for authentication and and to login the customer.

The steps required for a customer to login are:

  1. The customer enters Bolt Checkout.
  2. The customer enters an email and phone number*
  3. Bolt recognizes this information and sends a six digit code to the customer's phone number for authentication.
  4. As soon as the six digit code is entered and authenticated, the customer is logged in and directed to the Instant Checkout. If the customer does not want their device to remain logged in, they can uncheck the Keep me logged in checkbox.

* The second time a customer returns to make a purchase through Bolt, both their phone number and email must be entered in order for Bolt to recognize their account and send the customer a 6 digit authentication code. Every subsequent purchase beyond that will only require either a phone number or email in order to recognize the account and initiate sending the authentication code.

Scenario Two

This requires additional setup and can only be enabled by creating a ticket through Bolt's support team. Additionally, the customer cannot login from within the Bolt Checkout or access Bolt's Instant Checkout on other merchant sites.

The steps required for a customer to login are:

  1. The customer logs into their account associated with the retailer's site (every retailer maintains their own workflow for customers to login to their site)
  2. The customer enters Bolt Checkout.
  3. The retailer's site passes Bolt the customer's account ID, and Bolt checks the database for a matching Bolt account. If a match is found, the customer is sent to Instant Checkout. 


Customers that are logged in will see a one page checkout with all of their preferred information pre-selected. Customers can manage their addresses and payment methods. They may also use all the basic checkout features, such as discounts and entering order notes (if enabled by the merchant). After completing checkout, customers are redirected to the merchant's order confirmation page.

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