Creating an Instant Checkout Account

Customers may save their information and create an Instant Checkout Account. This will speed up checkout for future purchases and create a more seamless customer experience.

If a customer has created an account and returns to any merchant site with Bolt enabled, the customer will be recognized by their email and phone number, which is tied to their Bolt account. Rather than relying on a username + password to login, Bolt sends a code to the customer's phone to verify their identify. This code is then used to login to the customer's account to access and manage their information. 

The following steps are used to create an Instant Checkout Account:

  1. On the payment step of the guest checkout (final step), the customeråç should check the Remember my information checkbox before clicking Pay.
  2. Once the order is submitted, the customer will see a Success screen before being redirected back to the retailer's order confirmation page. An account has now been created for this customer.
    The customer will be logged in on their device. They may choose to click Logout on this device or wait until they are automatically redirected to the merchants order confirmation page. 




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