Creating a Bolt Account

As a customer, you may save your information and create a Bolt Account. This will speed up checkout for future purchases. It will also create a smoother experience.

When you return to a Bolt enabled site, Bolt will recognize you by your email and phone number. These two items are tied to your Bolt account. Bolt sends a code to your phone to verify your identity, instead of using a username and a password. This code is then used to login to your account to access and manage your information. The section below covers the standard steps for creating an account.  

To create an account follow these steps:

  1. You check the Remember my information on this device checkbox. This option is on by default.
  2. You click the Pay button
  3. After clicking Pay you will see an animated button as follows:

    1. The checkout page will change and the button text will then read 'Creating our order.' This will appear for up to two seconds.
    2. Then the button will read 'Processing Payment.' This will appear for up to two seconds.
    3. And finally, the button will read 'Completing your order.' Group_12.png
  4. During the order creation animation, you will see a confirmation that your information has been saved. This means that a Bolt account has been created for you. The account will use the phone number you provided during checkout.
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