Edit Payment Methods for an Bolt Account

Bolt allows customers the ability to create Bolt Accounts to save their information for faster and easier checkout across Bolt merchants. While logged in to Bolt Checkout, customers can save and manage their payment methods.

To manage payment methods use the following while logged into Bolt Checkout:

  1. Verify you are logged in. You should see 'Step 1: Select a delivery method'
  2. Navigate to 'Step 2'.
  3. Click Edit Payment


Once a customer is on the payment options screen, the following options are available:

  • (Add) + New Card — This allows a customer to enter and save a new card.
    Select — If multiple payment methods are saved, allows a customer to select which card to use. 
  • Set as preferred — This will set the default payment method for all future checkouts when logged in.
  • Delete — Removes an address from the account.
  • Confirm method — Once any updates or changes are made, this saves the selection, updates the checkout with the modified payment method (if applicable) and returns the customer to checkout.
  • Return to checkout — If no changes or updates are needed, this will direct the customer back to checkout. 

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