Bolt Order Status Glossary

This page serves as a guide to Bolt's order statuses, as displayed in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. These statuses describe both the status of the payment and the status of Bolt's fraud decision as a transaction proceeds through the payment & risk review process. 

Payment Statuses

  • Authorized — The card issuer has authorized the payment, and for eligible transactions, Bolt has approved fraud coverage. However, the payment has not yet been captured for settlement. A transaction can only be in this state if your store is configured for delayed capture.
  • Failed Authorization ("Failed") — The card issuer has declined the payment.
  • Completed - Funds have been both authorized by the issuer and captured for settlement. Additionally, Bolt has approved fraud coverage for eligible transactions.
  • In Review — Bolt is currently reviewing the transaction to determine fraud coverage.
  • Canceled — The order has been voided and payment canceled by the customer or merchant, or the order has been voided as a result of the expiration of Bolt's 14-day authorization window.
  • Refunded — A partial or full credit has been issued on the transaction. A transaction can only be in this state if it was previously in a Completed state.
  • Recently Rejected — Bolt's risk review process has rejected the order. However, you still have the option to force approve the order if you would like to override Bolt's fraud decision and undertake chargeback risk. Note that orders in a recently rejected state are not yet voided, and will still show a pending charge on the card used for the order. Orders will remain in a recently rejected state for the duration of the rejection override window, after which point they will move to a permanently rejected state.
  • Permanently Rejected — Bolt's risk review process has rejected the order. The payment has been fully voided and the pending charge should no longer appear on the card used for the order. 

Bank Transfer Statuses

  • In Progress — The bank transfer is in progress and is expected to reach your account within 1-2 days.
  • Completed — The bank transfer is complete. 

Refund Statuses

  • Completed — Funds have been returned to the customer.

Note — You can find failed refunds by filtering with both Refunds and Failed Authorizations.

Chargeback Statuses

  • Chargeback Open — A chargeback has been opened in connection with this order.
  • Chargeback Won — he chargeback was successfully fought and funds were returned to the merchant.
  • Chargeback Lost — The chargeback was closed and funds were returned to customer.



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