Bolt Checkout Walkthrough

Guest Checkout is the standard Bolt Checkout process. Guest shoppers proceed through three pages of checkout. Bolt also allows customers to create Bolt Accounts. If you have a Bolt Account, learn about your buying experience here

The three pages that a guest will see are:

Page One — Shipping

When you first arrive in Bolt Checkout, you arrive on the Shipping page. This page collects your shipping information.

At the top you enter your basic information:

  • Email
  • Phone number

Below that, you enter your ship-to information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Street address
  • Country
  • Zip
  • City
  • State

You may apply a coupon or promo code. If available, you can click on +PROMO (or +DISCOUNT), in the top right corner. This will expand and allow text to and provide a field for entering the code.

Once you have each field complete, you can click the Continue button. You will then move to page two of Bolt Checkout, Delivery.


Page Two — Delivery

After completing Shipping, you will arrive at the Delivery page. You use this page to select your delivery options. The page provides you with up to three delivery options. By default, the cheapest method of shipping is selected.

The order of the delivery options depends on two factors:

  • Your address
  • The merchant's tax and shipping configurations

The information displayed includes a text string and a price. The merchant's current tax and shipping configurations provide this information.

Note — The screenshot below includes an optional delivery instruction field. By default, this option is not enabled unless the merchant requests that option.

NoteDigital Goods Only checkout will bypass the Delivery page.

If your merchant has opted to offer you Product Add-Ons they will appear on this page.

Once you make your selection, you click the Continue button. You will then move to the final page of checkout, Payment.


Page Three — Payment

The last page that you will interact with during Bolt Checkout is the Payment page. The Payment page collects your payment information.

You enter your preferred method of payment, including:

  • Card number
  • Expiration date
  • CVV
  • First & Last name on the card

Note — Bolt does not require or ask for a billing address or zip.

By default, Bolt will save your information gathered during checkout. This will create a Bolt Account and allow you to use One-Step checkout for future transactions. 

The customer experience will be:

  1. On the Payment page, you can opt to have Bolt save your information by selecting the Remember my information on this device - Login via phone checkbox.
  2. You click the Pay button.
  3. The order is successful
  4. After clicking Pay you will see an animation.
    The animation will appear as follows:
    1. The checkout page will change and the button text will then read 'Creating our order.' This will appear for up to two seconds.
    2. Then the button will read 'Processing Payment.' This will appear for up to two seconds. If you opted to save your information you will see a confirmation that your information has been saved. This means that a Bolt Account has been created for you. The account will use the phone number you provided during checkout
    3. And finally, the button will read 'Completing your order.'
    4. You are then sent to the merchant's order confirmation page.
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