A Micro-Authorization is a small, temporary charge that Bolt authorizes on a customer's card. The customer then provides the value of the charge to Bolt to prove that that they have access to their account, enabling higher order approval rates for your business.

The following steps occur when Bolt issues a micro-authorization:

  1. the customer will receive an email similar to the screenshot below.


  1. This email notifies the customer to look in their credit card account for a pending charge labeled BLT*Temp Verify Auth.
  2. When the customer clicks the Verify Your Order button in the email, the customer will be redirected to Bolt's verification portal shown below.


  1. The customer must enter the amount of the temporary charge and click Verify your order to verify the transaction.
  2. If the customer enters the correct amount, Bolt approves the order.
    If the customer enters an incorrect amount three times, or if the customer does not complete verification within 48 hours, the customer's order will be rejected.
Note — Orders undergoing micro-authorization will display in the merchant dashboard as Recently Rejected. If the customer successfully verifies, the status will move from Recently Rejected to Completed.

How can a merchant tell that a Micro-Authorization has been issued? 

1. Log into your Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

2. Click on Transactions.

3. Click the desired transaction.

4. Under About this Transaction, there will be a section titled Micro-Auth Issued. If Micro-Auth Issued is set to Yes, then micro-auth has been issued; if No, then micro-auth has not been issued.


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