Modify your Billing Descriptor

What is a billing descriptor?

A billing descriptor is the short description of a charge that appears on your customer's card statement. A clear descriptor is important, as it ensures that when your customers view their bank statements, they recognize the charges for your products and don't issue chargebacks.

How do I change my billing descriptor?

To change your billing descriptor, contact Bolt Support.

Billing descriptors must take the following form:

  • Must begin with the prefix "BLT*"
  • Can be no longer than 25 characters in length (21 characters optional characters plus the  "BLT*" prefix)
  • Billing descriptors can only use the following characters:
    • Letters A - Z
    • Numbers 0 - 9
    • The following special characters: Ampersand, asterisk, comma, dash, period, space, pound (hashtag)
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