How long is Bolt's Authorization Window?

The "authorization window" is the period of time that a transaction can remain authorized without capture before Bolt automatically voids the authorization and cancels the order. 

By default, the authorization window is set to 14 days. On the 7th day of the 14-day period, the customer's card must be re-authorized. If reauthorization fails (for example, if the card expires within the 7-day period), the transaction will be voided. 

It is possible to extend the authorization window beyond 14 days. To do so, please reach out to Bolt Merchant Support and provide the team with the following:

  • Your reason for extension
  • The number of days to which you would like the window extended
  • The frequency with which your orders are fulfilled beyond Bolt's standard two-week window

Before you extend the window, please note:

  • Since re-authorization must occur every 7 days, extension of the window may result in a higher likelihood of card decline and a loss of the order.
  • Bolt's Risk Team must review the extended window and may decline your request for extension. 
Note: The authorization window begins at the moment that an order is placed. Bolt's risk review process occurs during the authorization window.
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