Reading your Daily Funding Statement

This page describes how to read the daily funding statements that you export from Bolt, so that you may understand the details of transactions that were included in a transfer to or from your bank account. If you'd like to learn how to export a daily funding statement from your Bolt Merchant Dashboard, see this page.

When you export a daily funding statement, each row in the spreadsheet represents a different transaction that occurred through Bolt. Note that only captured transactions are included, as transactions that have been authorized but not captured are not part of the funds transfer. If a transaction is partially captured, only the amount that was captured and included in the transfer will display in the funding statement.

The columns in the spreadsheet are as follows:

  • Date - The exact date and time that the funds transferred to your bank occurred for that transaction, in UTC. Note that UTC is eight hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time and 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.
  • Type - The type distinguishes both the direction of payment and the parties to the payment. The transaction types are as follows:
    • cc_payment - Payment for order from customer to merchant
    • cc_credit - Refund paid from merchant to customer
    • merchant_debit - Payment from merchant to Bolt, typically to cover non-fraudulent chargeback disputes.
    • merchant_credit - Payment from Bolt to merchant, typically to reimburse non-fraudulent chargeback disputes that the merchant has won.
  • Transaction Reference - Bolt's 12-digit unique identifier for the transaction. This can be used to search your merchant dashboard for the transaction, and can also be used for reference when receiving support from the Bolt team.
  • Order Reference - The unique identifier of the transaction, as provided by your shopping cart platform. This reference number can be used to search your shopping cart platform for the transaction.
  • Net Amount - The total amount of the transaction, net processing fees and Bolt fees. This is the amount that is paid to the merchant on the transaction.
  • Processing Fee Amount - The total amount of the payment processing fees paid to Bolt on the transaction.
  • Bolt Fee Amount - The total amount of the Bolt fees paid to Bolt on the transaction.
  • Gross Amount - The total amount that the customer paid for the transaction. This is the sum of the Net Amount, the Processing Fee Amount, and the Bolt Fee Amount.
  • Currency - The currency in which the transaction occurred.
  • First Name - The first name of the person who purchased the order.
  • Last Name - The last name of the person who purchased the order.
  • Card Type - The type of card used to purchase the order (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)

At the bottom of the spreadsheet, you'll find a row for the total. This total row will include the total net amount, total processing fee amount, total Bolt fee amount, and total gross amount. 

The total net amount will match the value of the transfer in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard, and is the amount that you should expect to see deposited into or withdrawn from your bank account when the transfer is complete.

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