Delete or Change your Primary Administrator

In the Bolt Merchant Dashboard users with Primary Administrator permissions cannot be deleted. This is a security precaution to ensure that there is at least one user at your company with full administrative access to your dashboard. 

However, your Primary Administrator may change their role within your organization or leave your organization entirely. In such cases, you may be required to remove your primary administrator's access or downgrade their permissions. If you wish to delete or downgrade your Primary Administrator:

    1. Determine who will be your new primary administrator.
    2. Make sure that the new primary administrator already has access to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. If not, create their user profile and set their permissions to Administrator.
    3. Contact Bolt Support requesting that the old primary administrator be switched to the new primary administrator. Be sure to include both the old and new primary administrators' email addresses in your request.
    4. Bolt Support may ask additional security questions to verify the request.
    5. Bolt Support will then transfer Primary Administrator permissions to the new primary administrator.
    6. The old primary administrator will be downgraded to Administrator permissions and can now be further downgraded or deleted.
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