How does Bolt Address Verification work?

Bolt Checkout includes address verification to ensure that customers enter a correct shipping address. This reduces support overhead and minimizes shipping mistakes.

How does address verification work?  When a customer enters an unrecognized shipping address, Bolt Checkout highlights the shipping address field and prompts the customer to verify the address. 


A customer may still confirm an address that has been flagged as unrecognized. This reduces friction and enables the completion of orders for customers whose addresses may not reside in common databases.

Please note that address verification currently only applies to US addresses. If a country other than the US is selected, Bolt checkout will not perform address verification.

Address verification also detects whether customers have properly entered information about their apartment or unit. For example, if the street address a customer enters is an apartment building, but does not add their unit into the Apartment, building, floor field, Bolt Checkout will automatically highlight theApartment, building, floor field and prompt the customer to input their unit. Similarly, Bolt verifies if the unit entered valid in the building, and notifies the customer if that unit is unknown.

This feature is available with all shopping cart plugins. If you'd like to opt out of this feature, please contact Merchant Support.




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